Bringing Ideas to Life

Established in 1947, we are now in our third generation within this family business. We love the idea that we have a link to every item we design and make. No matter how small or large each piece is, it is given our full attention. We have kept the old traditional methods of hand forging metal and hand setting each diamond to bring you the best quality possible. Along side this we have invested in the latest technology so we can truly offer a full instore experience. All our work is carried out and more importantly understood here under our roof. Our team are available for private consultations with access to a wide range of Certified Diamonds and other stones.

Our Gran Frances, at the door of the original shop.

Our History

Established by our Gran, Frances Monaghan, ran as a mix of jewellery, and fashion items of the time.

Business handed down to Frances’ newly married daughter, and son in law, Eithne and Denis Martin.

Business passed on to Brian & Kevin Martin and the launch of our first website!

Major renovation of the original shop and building, with a new focus on handmade jewellery.

Introduction of computer aided design into design process, along with other advanced design machinery.

Moved away from high street retail to concentrate on individual handmade jewellery and the set up of our Gallery on Rowe Street.

Also from 2005 to 2015, the introduction of 3D printing and laser technology.

Launch of the sale of Lab created Diamonds, which brings up to now and the launch of this new website.

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