Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Introducing a new range of options for our customers.

Laboratory Grown Diamonds.


To keep up with current trends and demand, we have sourced a range of Laboratory Grown Diamonds from Antwerp. We can now offer our clients a more ethical range of certified options direct from our diamond growing partners as well as natural diamonds.

Laboratory Grown Diamonds
Simply put, it is a real diamond, just a different kind of diamond, totally identical to the mined diamond.

One is grown above the ground while the other is extracted from the ground.

The 3 major international diamond laboratories GIA, HRD and IGI provide diamond grading reports

Grading reports certifying it is a diamond with exactly the same optical, physical and chemical characteristic than mined diamonds with the point of origin being the only difference. Pricing is on average up to 40% lower than its natural occurring partner and depending on size.

So, pop in and have a look at this new exciting range.